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Custom Dip and Drain Basket
Sunday, April 3, 2016


       A couple of years ago, I was visiting a customer’s plant that had rows of screw machines making brass pipe fittings.  The finished parts come off each machine, down a chute and collected in a basket.

When each basket was full, the machine operator dipped the basket of parts in a bucket of solvent to clean off the cutting lubricants, then they carefully balanced the basket on the edge of the bucket to let the parts drain.  As I looked around the plant, all of the other machines had similar solvent buckets with baskets full of parts balanced precariously on top.  Some had cardboard on the floor catch the solvent dips, some had the baskets leaning against stools or the machines to help stabilize them. 

What should be a simple cleaning operation, was messy and cumbersome.  That’s when I came up with the idea for our Dip-And-Drain baskets.
 I took one of our traditional dipping baskets, and added these swinging feet to the bottom.
 With the swinging feet tucked under, the basket sits flat to be loaded and fits into a bucket for dipping and cleaning.
This one happens to be sized to fit inside a 5-gallon bucket.
When done, the feet swing out to hold the basket of clean parts over the bucket so any extra solvent drains back into the bucket, not on to the shop floor.
The original plant where I first saw the need become our first customer for the new Dip-And-Drain baskets.  They ordered a bunch of baskets immediately, one for every machine, and have loved them ever since. 
Our standard Dip-And-Drain baskets have been very popular for dipping and cleaning all kinds of parts.  They are available in a variety of sizes on Amazon (search within Amazon for “Dip-And-Drain Baskets”).
A customer purchased a standard Dip-And-Drain basket to soak parts in liquid Nitrogen for cryogenic testing.  They liked the idea of letting the parts drain after they pulled them out of the Nitrogen tank. The idea kind of worked, but the operators couldn’t safely swing the feet out because the feet were 320 degrees below zero.    
What they needed was a way to actuate the Dip-And-Drain feet from the top of the basket.

And this is the product we designed:


o   Designed to fit into the 18-1/2” opening in a nitrogen tank

o   It’s all Type 316 stainless steel that’s been Electro-polished.

o   1/4” diameter rod frame with TIG welded joints to make the basket strong but to keep the weight and thermal mass down

o   16 Mesh x .028” woven wire, which gives an opening of  .035”

o   The lifting handles and the actuators for the swing out feet are all located at the top, keeping the operator safely away from the liquid nitrogen.  

o   The operators love these baskets, and the customer has purchased these baskets for all of their locations.


We developed our Dip-And-Drain Baskets by listening to guys in a machine shop who didn’t want to drip solvent on the floor while they were cleaning parts. That lead to the standard Dip-And-Drain baskets that have become very popular.

When somebody needed a Dip-And-Drain for an application that was a little bit unique, again we listened carefully and offered a solution.
Please look for our standard products on by searching for “Dip-And-Drain Baskets” or look at some other clever  engineered products on our website